About the PEEK into my book…..


I hate Dina!!!!!!!!!!

Dream a world without DinaI suppose I hate her more than I hate rats. or snakes. Or cockroaches. But not, God forbid, a flying cockroach.

She follows me every year, to my class. We’ve been together three years. She’s a leech who hates me. Believe me, the feeling is mutual.

Why does she want to wreck my life? I hate her. Sulk.

You see, who ever I take for my favorite friend in that particular class, Dina makes it a point to steal her away from me. That’s not it. Not just friends. It everything. She wants to steal my good mood, praise, position, seat, lunch……

For example, take Annie. The moment Dina figured that I liked her, she started sucking up  to her like a leech. I’m serious. Utterly serious.

Next was Mel. So. When Dina found out that Mel and I were old friends, I suffered big time.

Next, it was the other Tiara in my class. Everybody calls her Tee, so that people don’t get mixed up.

Dina purposely made friends with her, because I was her partner, and then she kept calling, Tiara Crew,. Tiara Crew, just to apologise to me and say that she meant Tee.

And whenever I returned from P.E or whatever, she was sitting on my seat, refusing to budge, declaring that it was her seat now.

Oh. She lost my position as whiteboard leader. And I love drawing pics on the board.

Yeah. She nicks my lunch on daily bases.

If someone compliments my story, Dina declares me as a show off.

see? What should I do about Dina Bloodsucking Leech?

The person Warned

I’m the person my parents always warned me about. I was the one who got in my way. I was the one who stopped me from becoming an artist.


Explanation: three days earlier.

“Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom! It’s today!” I yelled, running down the stairs two at a time.

“I know that, Stace. Calm down.”

I felt irritated. My mom never gets over excited like I do. I always like to scream my feelings, mixed with obvious expression. But there was someone else to help me heckle my mother.

“Mom! The drawing competition…..oh hi Stace.” Libra frowned. Libra was my identical twin sister. She is always the sarcastic, smart one. I was always the quieter, happy one. But both of us share a burning passion for art.

“I told her it was today,” I informed her. But Libra just rolled her deep blue eyes.

“Wish us luck, Mom!”

But mom ignored us. She simply walked into the kitchen, and started preparing our breakfast.

“Do you know the prize? The reward?”

“Duh.” Libra muttered.

“You get five copies of your work internationally sold! I mean, you can be an official artist!” I yelled in Libra’s ‘I already know’ face.

“Official artists mean me, moron,” She muttered. I huffed. I could draw as well as her, maybe better sometimes.

“We’ll see,” I called at her retreating figure.


“Hi Denise,” I called. Denise was my best friend. She liked drawing too. But I hung around her because she didn’t have a pinch of sarcasm. “Aren’t you excited?”

“Very, very, excited,” she told me, her eyes shining. I smiled. It felt nice that Libra wasn’t here to ‘duh’ me.

We clasped hands on the walk to the hall. ‘The Hall’ is what we call a very wide area, in the middle of the city. All events take place here. When we reached, my eyes almost popped out at the number of people there. I caught sight of Libra walking with Garnet, her best friend. She did seem very cool. Number of people did never concern her.

A woman, the host, probably, was telling everybody to settle down. She motioned to seats at the very back for me and Denise. As we sat down, I noticed Libra sitting in the front. She turned around and smirked at me. She was really getting on my nerves.

Another man was distributing Large sheets of paper. I opened my bag and pulled out the art materials, and arranged it all neatly on my lap. I pulled out a big pad to rest the paper on. By the time, the man reached me. He handed me one paper and another for Denise.

“Good luck, missies,” He whispered, winking. I smiled, though I hated to be called girly or missy. I set my paper on the pad, and started drawing instantly.

“She didn’t give the instructions,” Denise said, nudging me. But I knew the instructions. Write the title, write your number and start drawing. And…oh yea, your name. I decided that I’d fill in the details later.

I started drawing. We weren’t actually given a topic. I drew a man on a bike, and a beautiful girl sitting behind him, clasping his waist tight. I did not let the man’s face show, I hid it with a helmet. But I filled in the features of the girl, slanted eyes, blonde hair flowing in the wind, and pale pink lips curved into a content smile.

I drew it fast, and started adding the city background, silhouetted, and shading the edges.

“How pretty. You are so good at this,” Denise murmured appreciatively.

“Thank you,” I whispered back. I looked at her sketch. She drew very average mountains and a setting sun. “Your drawing is really good, too,” I lied.


I shook my head and continued to draw. After about ten minutes, I handed in my drawing. The lady observed it, but her face was expressionless.

I walked away, right on time to bump into Libra. I glanced at her drawing. She drew a fashion show, in which some women were gothic, some were emo, and some were very girly. I really liked her original idea. “Great,” I told her. She smiled.


One day later, I realized I did not write my name or anything.


It was the day for the announcement of the winners. All of us gathered in the hall. Denise had flu and stayed at home, but she declared that she couldn’t have possibly won anyway.

I was sitting with Libra and Garnet. The woman unrolled her list.

She was reading it, but she told us there was a mistake. She started questioning her companion.

I realized I really need to do something private. I leaned over and told Libra where I was going. Libra snorted and leaned over to tell Garnet. I frowned.

On the way back, I tripped on a stone and fell on my feet. As I got up I could hear the woman saying, “You…..yes, you, come here. Is this your drawing?” There was a pause and, “Then you won, dearie.” My heart sank. There was reluctant applause, obviously upset that they were not the winners. “You take this and show your mom, and select five drawings to us.” I had reached the hall now, and I looked towards the lady and saw that the winner was…….Libra? My heart sank even further. I was thoroughly upset that I didn’t win, and the fact that my twin sister won made it worse. I joined in the applause. Libra smiled and held up her drawing. My drawing.

“What?” I yelled. People glared at me. I shut up, but fumed inwardly, hating Libra. “What happened,” I asked a girl wearing a purple slip dress. I read the entry ticket pinned on her chest and realized her name was Tara.

“The woman held up that drawing and said that it was the clear winner but it did not have a name or admission number. She called the woman who collected the drawings to see whether she could remember who submitted that drawing and he pointed at that brat.”

“Oh,” I replied, my fumes dying, and disappointment flooding me. I started up and walked to the stage like area.

“That’s my drawing,” I stated, but my voice was not convincing.

Libra spun on me. “Liar.” She snarled, but her face was pleading.

“What?” the lady demanded, looking at me, too.

“Nothing, sorry I wanted to win.”

The lady fluttered her hand in a bored manner. I walked back towards my seat, but changed my mind and walked to the exit. Libra can win. I don’t care.


Libra won. She sent five of her drawings to the company, and mom and Libra went for the exclusive interview. My parents, nobody in fact, ever knew about this. I’m the person my parents always warned me about. They were right in warning me. I hate myself, my sympathy, and I never regained my friendship and twin ship with Libra ever again.

DO you like Dogs?

Mess…. and tears

Today was an absolutely horrible day. I really really hated today.
It was so darn boring! For some reason my comp wasn’t WORKING! Ugh!
And all my books have been each read about a dozen times. i didn’t wanna read any one of them AGAIN!
And I think you know that I hate TV.
And my friends. Ah. Selena is….uh….. busy. Personal stuff. Sophie’s out of station. Anne is just a school friend. And Xena. She lives in Jordan.
Finally I settled down with Chicken Soup for the teenage soul. It’s an okay book. but I think I read it ONLY about eleven times. This month. That’s right.
But I read all the other books twelve times in a month.
My dad’s mad at me, and he’s refusing to buy me more books. Hmph.
So anyway. I read so much of Chicken soup for the teenage soul that my eyes became dry and felt all papery. So I laid down CSFTTS and decided to take Pepper for a walk.
No one was home, anyway.
It was okay till I was walking him at the back of the flat. There was this horrible hissing noise. SNAKE, I thought instantly. but then I thought, Naw, can’t be. Then I heard the noise again. I was not mistaken. Peppy stood stake still… his back arched, hackles raised. He started growling. It was definitely a snake somewhere.
I just tightened Peppy’s leash around my wrist, and ran for my life. Peppy, obviously sensing some sort of game, ran after me. Eventually, I stopped in front of the gate, shivering and panting. The watchman stared at me.
And you won’t guess, Peppy wriggled out of his leash! Right in front of the gate! I was absolutely terrified. Then I snapped into action and grabbed peppy. He’s thirteen kilograms, but I managed to carry him into the house. My heart beat sped up, but not as fast as the rate I was sweating! My god!

I went to my dad’s room and called Peppy up on the bed with me. I hugged him hard and cried and cried.

I BAWLED! I couldn’t imagine losing my darling Peppy baby.

My mp3

I really don’t know what to put in as my first post. So I decided to talk about my mp3.

I know. LAME But that’s just how I am 😦

ah well. But I have got the COOLEST mp3 ever. It can store 900 songs. It’s got a voice record. And the radio. And screen saver. And a screen… 2gb! It’s got 14 languages or whatever.

To show you how much MORE lame I am… I’ll tell you. Like I said, my mp3 is 2GB and can store 900 songs AND  can be used as a pen drive. BUT I stored just 50 songs. That’s right. You read correct.Just fifty songs. And most of them comprise of AVRIL LAVIGNE only my favorite all time singer.

My best friend Xena thinks I’m lame [again] because I love her so much. lame, lame, lame, lame.

Ya… that’s me. Lame.

Okay then… Back to my mp3… its white and sleek and the transcend brand. Cool, huh? And I reckon I had some 500 headphones. But Pepper, my dog, chewed up every one. So now I have just one.

Thank god I have one. And its SONY.

Oh and yeah


What can I say? Xena is only the coolest girl in the world. An my best friend, I’m proud to say.

Well she has raven hair… choco eyes… and  a super bod. And she’s a writoholic (like me) readoholic, chocoholic, baby-cornoholic…uh…

And I’m a Xenaholic. uh huh.

She hates my kind of music. That’s sad. And I hate Leona Lewis… sorry Xena.  but like me.. she likes reading, writing, drawing, peppy patting ( Peppy…Pepper is my dog)

She is SO fun. We write billion stories together. We drink coke of the same can. We sleepover at eachother’s houses.

UNFORTUNATELY she doesn’t live where I do. But she does visit… but only twice a year. Hmph.

But I really reaklly love her…. and I thinks she likes me. uh huh.

when we were small

smaller than my knee

we lay down in the grass together

together u and me

we gazed up at the stars

in vain we reached out

the stars were too far

as we are now

just as we waited during day

for the stars to come

i’m waiting for ur stay

in ur home town

some times very rarely

there are no stars in the sky

when u dont come

like that time i cry.

but the stars always come back

to the night sky

so will u some day

we’ll unite once again.

I wrote taht poem for her. I wrote a zillion more, but I lost Them. hmph.

Oh well.